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Testimonials MEDIA

Eliseo Vega


Install Journal

Ignacio is an expert in communication who always comes up with a high-quality response in a timely manner. As editor of Install, I feel I am in safe hands whenever I need something from Ignacio’s PR accounts. You can always rely on securing interesting content in Spanish. He’s just the kind of ally an editor needs.

Ignacio Pandavenes

Chief Editor

Infodefensa Journal

Ignacio is one of those press agents who is always a pleasure to deal with because he knows how the industry works and how to focus on the issue at hand from a journalist’s point of view. And, what’s more important, he understands the kinds of deadlines we work under.

Irene Jiménez Miragaya


Audiovisual451 Journal

As a journalist who receives lots of different press releases every day, it’s always a relief when you see it comes from Fossati PR. You know it’s going to be well-written, that it will be backed up with images you can use and, more importantly, that he is instantly available if you need any additional input.

Isabel Fernández

Chief Editor

Equipamiento Hostelero Journal

Ignacio’s readiness and willingness to respond to any request for information or material is one of the qualities that makes him such a stand-out professional in the audiovisual industry. I would also highlight his knowledge of the source material, and his ability to summarise it clearly and concisely so that the journalist can get a good grasp of it instantly, which is a great help when passing it on to the reader.

Fabio García

Spanish Editor

Light Sound Journal

Press releases from Fossati PR hit my desk regularly. And I have to say that they are always well presented, accompanied with a translation into Spanish and links to contacts as well as thumbnails and hi-res images. I can safely say that receiving usable material like those sent by Fossati PR makes my job as editor a whole lot simpler.

Richard Santa


AVI Latinoamérica Journal

An industry journal like AVI Latinoamérica relies heavily on receiving timely information related with the AV industry with the level of technical detail that we can use. And that is precisely the kind of information we have been getting over recent years from Fossati PR on the companies it represents.

Rosa Arza


Prosign Journal

Ignacio and his team have the experience and know-how that gives them a good handle on the audiovisual market and journalists’ needs, and that makes working with them so easy. The press releases they forward are perfect for publication and they are always available to clear up any doubts or to send us more details if we need them. And you cannot ask for any more than that.

Antonio Carballo


Cineinforme Journal

Ignacio Fossati? I’m trying to remember the first time I met him but I can’t put my finger on it. It must have been a long time ago when Ignacio started to specialize in communication on the AV industry and, obviously, we soon bumped into each other. Since then, my image of Ignacio is of someone who you can depend on, who always gets back to you, and a good copywriter in a field where it seems that many are called but few are chosen. His control of technical English is flawless and his translations are impeccable.

Carmen V. Albert


Camera & Light Journal

Ignacio Fossati is a communication professional with excellent customer-attention skills and total availability to resolve doubts and to lend his support in any way he can. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Ignacio to manage communication accounts for any company in the AV industry, in Spain and worldwide.