Testimonials Media Clients

Testimonials CLIENTS

Pedro Escalona

Commercial Director


Fossati PR is our go-to press agency since 2008. What won us over is their proven specialization in audiovisuals. Technically speaking, you can tell that they know what they are talking about when copywriting for us. And they have the contacts you need with the industry press. I’ve found them to be consistently creative and effective in drafting case studies, press releases and so on. It’s a true pleasure working with them.

David Paolini

Manager, Media & Public Relations


Ignacio is a consummate professional, with excellent English and Spanish-speaking and writing skills, which is a big plus. But more importantly, Ignacio is pro-active, rolls up his sleeves, and gets the work done, as well as advising on strategy and tactics, hence my unreserved recommendation.

Juan Betancor


Siddhartha Films

Fossati PR has been our press agency ever since Siddhartha Films was founded in 2004. They have an insider’s take on the film industry and always seem to have just the right international press contacts. They’ve given us great public exposure in the media worldwide.

Jordi García



As a creative animation studio based in Barcelona, we were looking for an agency that would guarantee us international visibility. Fossati PR opened the doors for us to media all around the world, and helped us to garner the kind of publicity we were looking for. Their professionalism and enthusiasm makes working with them a pleasure.

Ana Rubio


Twin Pines

Whenever we need to inform the industry about our latest projects we go to Fossati PR. Besides their insight into the industry, they have the experience and understanding to identify the key data that will help them to produce the desired results. Here at Twin Pines we are delighted with what they bring on board for us as media experts.

Santiago Verdú

General Manager


Working with someone with the trajectory and knowledge in the Pro AV market as Ignacio has been fluid and very satisfactory. Thanks to his experience with internationally renowned brands, we have been able to communicate our messages in the best way, no matter how complex or technical they may have been.